About Sarwa

Sarwa Capital is a leading provider of finance solutions, including auto credit, insurance and consumer finance, and is the largest player in Egypt’s nascent debt capital markets, helping structure, arrange and underwriting debt transactions for companies that need to access debt capital markets to fund growth, manage risk, improve financial standing and raise liquidity.

At Sarwa, we use our expertise in deploying funds and generating liquidity to develop financial solutions for our clients, seeking out and leveraging opportunities in underdeveloped financial segments, resulting in increased financial inclusion. We offer a range of consumer- and corporate-focused products and services under our own brands in addition to producing white-labeled solutions for major Egyptian corporations.

Our talented team of more than 1,000 employees is a key pillar to Sarwa’s success. In order to maintain our position at the leading edge, we constantly invest in our people, trusting that our development as a company comes hand in hand with their own.

Our Lines of Business

Sarwa manages a number of companies offering a full range of products and services including auto credit, insurance and consumer finance (all targeting the retail market) as well as structured debt advisory, arrangement, and underwriting for corporate clients.

Our philosophy

Sarwa embraces risk and operating as a principal party that can take anchor every business we undertake in any product we bring to market. We believe that risk is fundamentally an opportunity and finds ways it can be accurately measured, quantified and priced. We have developed 16 years of expertise — including our own unique methodology and databases — that allows us to do just that.

That’s why we look for ways in which we can fully measure and understand how to take on risk that allows us to create new value for our clients.

Our back story

Sarwa was created in 2001 by industry professionals who saw opportunity to create a diversified debt house in an under-penetrated market. Our goal from the outset has been to offer creative financing solutions — tailored to our local circumstances — for retail followed by corporate clients.

Founded by its management team, Sarwa recapitalized over the years with the entry and successful exit of several banks and investment funds.  Our majority shareholder today is the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund .

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Our brands

While many of our products and services use partner brands — and while Sarwa itself values discretion as a core corporate value — many of our brands are deeply rooted in their industries, most notably in the automotive sector. They include:


Track Record

Our belief in innovation, financial inclusion and the ability to create value by properly measuring and pricing risk has allowed us to be the first nationally to introduce:

White labelled financial products

Fully-integrated POS loan acquisition and closing solutions

Online loan acquisition capability

Advanced credit scoring and collection mechanisms

Developed retail car insurance

Advanced motor claims management capabilities

Auto loans securitization bonds

Bonds backed by real estate receivables

Direct debit solutions with multiple banks and the bank-wide Automatic Clearing House solution


Our transactional track record includes: