Consumer Credit

Through our own Contact brand and a variety of white-labelled products for leading corporations, we have built a full retail financing model that presently encompasses:

Automotive credit,

Automotive credit, including financing for new and used vehicles with installments over a period of up to five years. Distribution is through a network of nearly 200 dealers, with our presence ranging from sales-based visits to permanent full-service desks with white-label agreements.

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Home finishing loans,

Home finishing loans, which our emphasis on process and risk management has allowed us to create a product as easy and accessible as an auto loan for individuals who want to finish new homes (in new communities and existing residential areas) or renovate their current homes.

Consumer financing,

Consumer financing, through our own-brand “getGO” card for white goods, consumer electronics and home furnishing takes a creative tool to managing credit risk and collection for small-ticket financing. More than 300 retail outlets including megastores are now participating in the program.

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Insurance, including the Contact Service Club and Contact Savings Program, with life and other products now in the pipeline.

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Our consumer finance platform is an innovation tool for the group at which we rapidly prototype, test and refine our approach to quantifying and pricing risk into our products. These innovations include:

White labeling

We operate five white-labelled joint ventures with car agencies on a national basis as well as with the local representatives of global automotive brands.

Product innovation

From the launch of insurance services to the more recent launch of home finishing loans and, soon, mortgage finance.

New brands

Among other innovations, we have introduced a new brand in a pioneering joint venture with a leading sports and recreation club offering membership finance and other financial products to new and existing club members.

Integrated financing

We maintain awareness with a strong investment in our relationships with the vendors and business partners with whom we work, allowing us to add value to our partners and supporting their sales.

We are also creative in our marketing spend: Our site was established as a marketing vehicle and has since grown into Egypt’s largest automotive website with 6 mn annual visitors.