Insurance Products

Through our Contact brand, we have been active players in Egypt’s under-developed insurance sector for more than 17 years, having created and brought to market the first fully-developed retail car insurance product.

We offer products in both the retail and commercial insurance segments.

Contact Insurance, a Sarwa subsidiary, provides various forms of automotive insurance and is now leveraging its large, well-documented client base to deliver a wide variety of retail products, including life, health and property insurance. Among the first of these is our Contact Savings Program, which in addition to offering long term saving scheme, offers up to EGP 500,000 in takaful life insurance for savers.

These products — and life policies in particular — generate long-term funds that will ultimately seek exposure to high-quality fixed-income investments.

On the corporate and commercial insurance side, we leverage our methodology and systems to quantify and price risk, allowing us to develop credit insurance products targeting financial products.