Structured Finance

We are Egypt’s largest player in debt capital markets, having arranged and issued more than EGP 8.9 billion in securitized bonds since 2005, including the very first offering of that kind on the domestic market. Among other transactions, we have also:

Led and issued the country’s first refinancing of a securitized offering

Led and issued Egypt’s first bond backed by real estate receivables

Placed more than EGP 2 bn in bonds with non-bank investors

Our team has a proven record of structuring, pricing, placing and issuing transactions in challenging market circumstances, including issuances with an AA+ rating — the highest rating for a non-sovereign entity in Egypt.

In doing so, we call on long experience in the industry and a network of relationships with non-bank investors, professional services firms, rating agencies and other financial institutions. We also work on an ongoing basis with leading custodian banks to whom we can grant daily access to our systems and database, a factor recognized by rating agencies as distinguishing the issuances we bring to market.

While we have experience across a broad range of asset classes — ranging from auto loans to real estate receivables — and we are actively working to expand our expertise to include sectors such as infrastructure finance, with a particular focus on renewable energy projects under Egypt’s feed-in-tariff program.